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From the Sea to the Mountains

Spent the past three days going from the sea to the mountains of Greece. No matter where we are, it is hot.-98 degrees or so, yet it is beautiful. I feel a little bit like Rocky climbing the stairs at Santorini and the hills of Delphi. I am learning a great deal about the culture and history of Greece. The Greek people are so kind and thoughtful. Hospitality is their middle name. It is so hard to blog because by the time we get back at night we are exhausted but having the time of our lives. It is amazing to see history that dates back pre-A.D. and compare it to our own short history. Even with the economic crisis happening in Greece, the people love to share their history, their hopes for the future, and the dreams for their country. This is a dream come true.


Greece is The Word

After almost 24 hours of travel( LA-Toronto-Milan-Athens) we made it. Everything went smoothly except for Golden State losing. Toronto fans were thrilled and the plan cheered in unison. Today, we are off on an 8 hour tour of Athens. Coffee and sitting and talking for hours are part of this culture. I think I will fit in perfectly. Looking forward to seeing the ancient cites, tasing delicious foods and sharing photos along the way.